Beginnings of House Greyjoy


The Greyjoys of Pyke have a very complicated storied past. The stories say that House Greyjoy descended from the Grey King of the Age of Heroes and were said to have ruled the western islands along the Sunset Sea. The legends say that the man took a mermaid for his wife and ruled all of the seas across the world.

For thousands of years, House Greyjoy and the people of the Iron Islands have raped, reaved, and pillaged all across the seven kingdoms and as far as the port of Ibben to the north east and the Summer Isles to the far south. The ironmen are a stubborn and fierce people that pride their freedoms above all else. Each island has its own “king” of sorts that act as the Isles’ nobles that all swear to the High King of the Isles chosen from the island “kings”. After Aegon the Conqueror swept through the mainland of Westeros, he gave the Iron Isles the freedom to choose their own rulers instead of being granted one like in the mainland. With almost a unanimous decision, Vickon Greyjoy and his descendants became the High Kings of the Iron Isles. Their sigil is a golden kraken on a black field. Their words are We Do Not Sow.


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